In Football, there’s Touchdowns.

In Fantasy, there’s Tuddy’s.

The Tuddy Guys is the Fantasy Football show about two best friends who eat, sleep and scream NFL Fantasy Football. It’s the Soup meets sketch comedy. The Tuddy Guys are always looking to make new friends and take on new opportunities. If you have any interest in bringing the Tuddy Guys onto your podcast, we’ll show up with our face painted. You need some fantasy advice hours before kickoff? Send us a tweet (@tuddyguys) and we’ll bring you the knowledge with our pads on.

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Thanks again! Meet The Tuddy Guys below and GO WIN THAT LEAGUE!!!!!!!



Joey C 3


Tuddy Guy: Joey Christopoulos

Has a degree from Columbia in Sport Journalism and an alumni from Second City, Joey is uniquely skilled to bring engaging information to the Fantasy Sports world. He is a die hard Chicago sports fan but had a torrid romance worshipping Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson as a child. His 2015 Fantasy Football team names are: The Alshon Joffery’s (Game of Thrones league), Rolo Tomasi and Bruce Springsteam. Joey has never owned a  Green Bay Packer on his fantasy team. And never will.







Tuddy Guy: David Rispoli

Dave R 1

As a comedian, David began his studies with top talent such as Wayne Brady (Who’s Line is it Anyways?, The Wayne Brady Show) and is a proud Alumni of both The Second City and IO.  He has performed standup across the country, primarily in New York and Los Angeles including opening for Jim Gaffigan.  As a sketch and improv performer, David’s troupe, The Cool Table, has also toured the country, won awards in festivals and been featured on the front page of  He has starred in multiple viral videos logging over 100,000 hits each and was featured on the 2011 Viewfinder List alongside other up and coming performers including The Black Keys. Dave loves playing fantasy football. His 2015 Fantasy team names are Daved By The Bell and Khalee-pee poo-poo doo-doo (Game of Thrones league and….well). Fantasy Football has, sadly, been driving him slowly insane the past few years. We are all super worried.