One month to go in the Fantasy season and its officially “Matchup Season”. It may be hard to predict individually whose going to finish strong, or finish at all in this demented creature known as the 2015 NFL season. It’s been a Fantasy Star plague. Yet, The Tuddy Guys can help you pick the right match-ups. There’s a lot of shitty teams out there. But instead of picking on the disasters, it’s important to find the teams that suck just enough to give up a ton of points while simultaneously scoring Fantasy points for your team.
This week, we’re going to break down the NFL into 3 Tiers: The Tough Nuts, Shootout City! and The Punching Bags. The Tough Nuts are teams that are solid in Fantasy and the only truly ‘Good’ teams in the NFL right now. Each of them possess a skill that can devastate a Fantasy starter on your team if you choose to play against them.
Shootout City! is our second tier and will be comprised of mostly garbage yards, unfulfilled expectations but BOATLOADS of Fantasy points. Believe it or not, but these teams are going to win you that coveted Fantasy Championship.
Don’t forget The Punching Bags! Now while The Tuddy Guys do not endorse starting anyone on these teams, these bags of crap will play vital roles in the Fantasy playoff chase. If your player is playing any of these catastrophes, think long and hard about giving them a start. Because you’re playing a Punching Bag.
  1. New England Patriots (8-0)– They won’t go undefeated (cough! this week vs. NYG?) but Brady and Gronk are Fantasy royalty. Moving forward, good luck trying to find Fantasy value out of the change of pace RB they find to replace Dion Lewis. Autumn is LaGarette Blount Season. The foliage makes him run angry.
  2. Carolina Panthers (8-0)– Another team with an excellent QB-TE combo. Beyond that, why are the Fantasy challenged Panthers ranked 2nd you may ask The Tuddy Guys? Because the Panthers D is a bad matchup. For everyone. Carolina also is working with some serious mojo. Which means they play games in the low teens and simply make enough plays to win. Starting players against the Panthers is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals (8-0)– Can they keep it up? If you mean score gobs of Fantasy points for millions of Fantasy Freaks all the way into the Fantasy Playoffs, then absolutely!
  4. Arizona Cardinals (6-2)– 3rd in the NFL in Offensive YPG (yards per game). The Cardinals have been a team loaded with veterans that have turned in elite Sleeper Fantasy seasons: Chris Johnson, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald. They can win any game they play and they can put 40 on almost anyone.
  5. Denver Broncos (7-1)– The Broncos land here because they’re D is pretty much ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY’ territory. They are first in Passing YPG and 5th in Rushing YPG. Good luck winning your league playing against these guys. They are ranked 5th because Peyton is a toss up each week, killing Fantasy confidence.


6. Green Bay Packers (6-2)– Are the Packers good? Of course they are. Aaron Rodgers is a top 5 Fantasy pick for a reason and he will single handedly put up huge numbers. But this lull means two things: The Packers D is horrible. The ball will be in Rodgers hands. Bon voyage Eddie Lacey.

7. New York Jets (5-3) The best Rushing Defense in the league and a team offensively that can make plays if Fitz-magic can stay under center. They can be scored upon and they can be shut down. Just a murky play in too many areas.

8. New York Giants (5-4)– Giants D has been sneaky good Fantasy wise. Eli and Odell know all of each other’s secrets. They can hop into a shootout with the best of them and they can blow a lead like nobody’s business. One ticket please! Watching Odell each week in your Fantasy lineup is one of the Top 3 most luxurious WR experiences in Fantasy going right now (Julio Jones and Antonio Brown also make this list).

9. Minnesota Vikings (6-2)– AP. And…….AP. The defense has quietly kept the scores in the low 20’s and their games usually turn into Field Goal contests. Somehow, they keep winning. AP still hasn’t exploded yet. It’s coming. Tough upcoming schedules be damned.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4)– This team could be the best team to watch in Fantasy. If it wasn’t for all the injuries. Its a shame. Here’s to hoping Big Ben gets healthy. The Steelers Offense will be major factors in the Fantasy Playoffs.

11. Seattle Seahawks (4-4)– The Tuddy Guys STILL BELIEVE this team is going to get its act together. What’s a Fantasy season without Pete Carroll running the score up on somebody? We still believe they’re best has yet to come. Russell Wilson will throw 3 Tuddy’s sooner or later.

12. Atlanta Falcons (6-2)– How can a team with Fantasy STUDS Julio Jones and No.1 RB Devonta Freeman and an above average season from Matt Ryan be so unappealing to watch at times? Is this team good? This isn’t just wins and losses. A Falcon taking a dump on your Fantasy team can be catastrophic in the coming weeks. Plus a real pain to simply clean up.

13. Oakland Raiders (4-4)– Hip-hip-hooray for the Raiders! Welcome to the Fantasy party guys! I know its been years so take it slow and we’ll walk you through it. Amari Cooper will be going in the top 10 of drafts within the next 2 years. Carr will be taken way too high next year. This team has firepower and a young nucleus.

14. St. Louis Rams (4-4)– Defense and a strong running game. Anyone over the age of 50 would think this team would be on top of the heap. Todd Gurley will be in next year’s consensus no. 1 Fantasy pick. The Rams are a bitch to play against. Watching Gurley run is witnessing a major reason why you’re going to win some Fantasy games in December. Gloat on Fantasy Freak.

15. Buffalo Bills (4-4) Tyrod is back. McCoy is back. Karlos Williams is back. We now return you to our regularly scheduled Surprise Fantasy Team already in progress. Add to the mix an emerging Sammy Watkins and the Bills will be a Fantasy must-watch the rest of the season.

16. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)- Luck is out. Hasselback is in. Does this mean Andre Johnson re-emerges? Can we just stop thinking about the Colts now? They’ve already screwed with our heads long enough. Seriously, can we please talk about ANYTHING else?

17. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)- The running game has rounded into shape the last month but Bradford is hard to trust moving forward. Putting faith in this team as they put together a hot streak will be hard to decipher.

18. Chicago Bears (3-5)- The Bears actually….kind of…not….terrible. They might actually be half decent. Sorry to disappoint our new found Jeremy Langford fans but Matt Forte is made of Titanium. His return is imminent.

19. New Orleans Saints (4-5)- Another year, another huge Fantasy season from Drew Brees. The Saints are always good for a fun Fantasy time. Their defense will always bring a smile to opposing Offenses’ face. Play on playas.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)– Jameis Winston and turned the corner and begun flashing the tools that come in the Cam Newton starter kit. Mike Evans and Doug Martin are Fantasy starters. They will continue to score points as the losses mount. Let’s pour a 40 out for Vincent Jackson’s fantasy value. It was a good run V-Jack.

21. Baltimore Ravens (2-6)– Don’t look now but the schedule lines up for the Ravens to win some games. They can still make some noise. Kicker Justin Tucker is still the biggest Fantasy weapon on the team.


22. Kansas City Chiefs (3-5)- Alex Smith’s Fantasy numbers are not embarrassing. The feeling he envokes when you start him in Fantasy is what causes embarrassment. Counting on Chiefs players moving forward is not a recipe for a championship.

23. Washington D.C.’s (3-5)- Desean Jackson could swing some Fantasy games.

24. Miami Dolphins (3-5)- Tannenhill’s been a bust. Nobody gets excited when Red Zone checks in on their games.

25. Dallas Cowboys (2-6)- Dez is back but the rest is a mess. They are in serious doubt to win any more games in the near future.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)- The offense is better, but still the same old Jags.

27. Tennessee Titans (2-6)- Mariota will continue to get the reps and build up his keeper status for 2016.

28. San Diego Chargers (2-7)- Injuries have destroyed Phillip Rivers’ options. Phillip Rivers has, once again, destroyed his Playoff hopes.

29. Houston Texans (3-5) Unbelievable. They are terrible, yet only one game away from the division lead. Brian Hoyer quietly putting up solid Fantasy Garbage stat lines.

30. Detroit Lions (1-7) Does Joique Bell interest you? This team is hopeless and a team to pick on match-up wise the rest of the way. Lions OC Jim Bob Cooter tossed a lifeline out toRB Ameer Abdullah when he said he wants to get the rookie “more involved”. And then Abdullah fumbled that remark.

31. Cleveland Browns (2-7) The run defense sucks and the offense is in flux. They are the Sum of All Fantasy Fears. A truly terrible team.