Has your team buckled under the injury bug? Scouring the waiver wire and feeling like the Cleveland Indians in ‘Major League’? Want to know how fucked this fantasy season has been? Look no further than what’s happened at RB in 2015. If you’re going through tough times, you’re not alone. Take the 2015 preseason RB rankings for example and let’s check in with how they’ve fared through Week 8:

1.Adrian Peterson– Legit fantasy starter. Not quite the stud of old but worth the price of admission.

2. Le’Veon Bell– Started the year suspended. Now out for the year. He’s a human video game. He’s also an official Fantasy Bust.

3. Eddie Lacy– The Tuddy Guys could say he’s disappeared but with his waistline that’s impossible. Fantasy Bust.

4. Jamaal Charles– Tore up his kneeafter a productive month. Done for the year. Fantasy Bust.

5. Marshawn Lynch– Missed some time, Seattle’s offense has struggled and he hasn’t lived to his Fantasy reputation. Fantasy Bust.

6. C.J. Anderson– Up until last week, THE BIGGEST FANTASY BUST OF THEM ALL.

7. Jeremy Hill– Scoring Tuddy’s but losing carries to Giovanni Bernard. Not the same player as last year. Fantasy Bust.

8. Demarco Murray– After a slow start, he’s put together 3 strong games in a row. His best may be on the way.

9. Matt Forte– Another solid Fantasy first half. Now he’s hurt. He’s by no means a bust yet now just a bummer.

10. Lesean McCoy– Has missed his usual time but when he has played not the workload Fantasy Freaks envisioned. Thus far, Fantasy Bust.

So take a breath. This list didn’t even include Melvin Gordon, Frank Gore or Alfred Morris. It’s the Wild West in Fantasy Football this year so make some moves and go down blazing. You didn’t plan for this. Adapt and survive.

Only 5 weeks left in the fantasy season. Your either above .500 or below the rest of the way. You’re either making a push or slowly slipping into the resignation of your defeat. Time to pick yourself up and win some games.

Let’s break down the games. But first, there are a ton of Bye Weeks this week. Take an extra few minutes with your lineup and put yourself in the best position to take advantage of your opponent starting some bench guys.




The Packers are having some problems. The Panthers can’t do wrong. Not a lot to like from a Fantasy standpoint. It is important to keep reminding everyone that Greg Olsen is the best TE in the NFC. He’s not a receiver. He’s a Taker.


This game could be closer than people think. This could be considered a trap game but the fact that the game is in Foxborough should keep the Pats undefeated. Good news for D.C? Their offense should have a better day than most people expect. Desean Jackson may not be in your lineup. But his return may push him off your bench moving forward.


The Titans are changing coaches. Drew Brees is still throwing Tuddy’s against the Giants. Don’t expect another 7, but probably expect around half of that. The Saints are still at home, feeling good and the Titans are scrambling to resemble an NFL Football team. Saints cruise and put up another monster Fantasy game.


A division game of epic mediocre proportions. Tyrod Taylor returns to action. Does this mean the return of Charles Clay, Karlos Williams and the true Lesean McCoy? Taylor may just be the straw that stirs the Buffalo drink. This has all the makings of being a high scoring, ugly with tons of Fantasy points for your fringe starters.


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HANDOFFS?! Gurley V AP. Start Stefon Diggs and Tavon Austin all you want, the eyeballs will be glued to the new guys in the backfield. Here’s to hoping they put on a show.


Here’s a fun stat: in the last month, the Jags have two top 5 Fantasy WR’s in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. The Jets are coming off a loss where they surrendered 4 Tuddy’s and almost 450 yards of Offense to the up and coming Raiders. For the Jets? Brandon Marshall is banged up. Geno Smith is healthy. Problem is, he’s the starter now. And now, for the first time ever on tuddyguys.com, we have the following phrase……..Jags win. Wow, that felt weird.


The Raiders D has surrendered 8 Tuddy’s to TE’s this season. Last week, Big Ben and Heath Miller rekindled their Bro-mance. This is a tailor made start for those of you missing Travis Kelce and Jimmy Graham this week. The Raiders are burning hot but the Steelers have enough guys on offense who have been in too many of these games. The Raiders probably have been drinking their own Kool-Aid all week. The Steelers put them back in their place.


Welcome to the vortex of an Eli Hot Streak! Each year for a 2-3 week stretch, Eli loses his mind and becomes a Fantasy Monster. Tossing 6 Tuddy’s was the beginning. This will not last all season, so take advantage now. This week Eli faces a Bucs D that eventually got torched by Matt Ryan and they now have given up 9 Tuddy’s to opposing QB’s in the last month. The other side? The Giants D gave up 52 points last week. So………..


The 49ers are a train wreck. Guys are getting benched, traded and put on injured reserve. The good news? These chumps weren’t in your lineup anyway. The Falcons have a tendency to play down to their competition. But seriously, how low can you go? The Falcons win by scoring the minimum amount of points necessary and an overwhelming amount of boring.


If Chip Kelly was smart, he would have taken the Bye Week to realize that the key to his offense is Demarco Murray. Not Sam Bradford. Coupled with Ryan “The Bench Monster” Matthews, Bradford shouldn’t throw more from than 23 passes. The 2015 Eagles need to try and resemble the 2014 Cowboys. About those star-crossed Cowboys. Dez Bryant is back! That sole factor alone can keep them in this game and Dez may be ready to reintroduce himself to the Fantasy Galaxy after a rough week being shadowed by Richard Sherman. At least 1 Tuddy Sunday night for my main maniac man Dez.


If there ever is a time to start Peyton, it’s been this one since the schedule came out last spring. It’s indoors, Peyton’s arm looked the feistiest of the season and there’s that…..oh….revenge factor. Stack on top the fact that the Colts are firing coaches, Luck is hurt and the defense sucks! Peyton is poised for a HUGE Fantasy game.


Two mirror images of each other. 2 QB’s cashing huge checks, throw for a bunch of yards, throw a pick and then lose. Both teams can’t close out teams, both have blown leads in multiple games. So who wins? Fantasy owners. The waiver wire pickup of the week Jeremy Langford will not disappoint and deliver a solid Fantasy stat line. Alshon Jeffery will do Alshon things and the receiver to benefit the most from Keenan Allen’s injury, at least in this game, is Malcolm Floyd. He’s tall. He’s fast. Two things the Bears secondary struggles with the most.


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