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I feel like every Detroit game turns into a shootout because Matthew Stafford has a trebuchet for an arm and the Lions defense is absolute 100% trash. They enter a game against the Vikings who have the number-one overall defense. My gut is like, “what happens when the unstoppable thingy meets the irresistible thing-thing” and my head says, “I don’t really care who wins this game.” The answer, of course, is Minnesota.

door ouch smash glass doordoor prank glassfail glass door coffee walking window – Vikings 2, Lions 0


Oh these NFC East games are so tiring. Look this up – every single goddamn NFC East division game the last 10 years has the score 27-23. I can hear Joe Buck right now and he’s pretending to be shocked that Carson Wentz throws that interception in the third quarter and then the Giants fumble the ball in the red zone and then Darren Sproles gains 18 yards twice and I am asleep.

cat funny cat          – Eagles 27, Giants 23


These teams are the reason the earth is slowly dying and its animals are going extinct. Miami has some top talent on both sides of the ball but bad coaching and, please remember, couldn’t even win with living-legend Dan Marino. The Jets are caught in a media death spiral that involves Ryan Fitzpatrick getting re-signed to no fanfare, getting benched, complaining, playing behind Geno Smith (!), getting back on the field, winning, and then complaining again that he was benched. The only reason I know this is because the sad Jets get the same media scrutiny as Donald Trump. No team should have to expose their depravity every millisecond every day like the Jets do. They should be the ones in Vegas. The Jets and their fans need a goddamn vacation.

mrw person vacuum amish        – Dolphins 30, Jets 13


The Chiefs too have a similar narrative the last few years: a very solid team with injury trouble. It’s not very fair at all. The Chiefs have been, going back to the days of Dick Vermeil and Marty Schottenheimer before him, the undisputed king of mediocre football. They have so much good will and nothing to show for it. No Super Bowl appearances since the Moon Landing. That one game where no one punted. Trent Green. If they played in a large market, they would be the ones with all those negative headlines about winning meaningless games in November, like this one, and subsequently losing their offense (who are already backups) to injury in the process. This game will be blacked out.

Cheezburger football kansas city chiefs sports fail    – Chiefs ?, Jaguars ?


This would be the Browns-upset game of the year but the Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliott momentum train is so effervescent and ineluctable right now I just can’t bring myself to pick against the Cowboys. This is another reminder to get Terrelle Pryor off the waiver wire right now.  Also, aren’t you kind of interested to see how bad it can get in Cleveland? It’s like peeking into the machinery of hell. What is next? Will they just keep gathering draft picks like a hoarder? There’s stacks of last year’s mail and pots & pans filled with urine in that front office!

no the office steve carell michael scott no god no         – Cowboys 31, Terrelle Pryor 14


The Steelers, to one-up the Patriots, actually are the ones with the best luck in the league right now. Why, you ask? They lost their best player for two weeks, have played all-time bad defense, and no one else in their division has won since. The Steelers are still in first place. I feel like no one has noticed this. I just said it on the Internet so now, of course, a fly will land in Ben’s Tomato Soup at a restaurant tomorrow and he’ll try to call the waiter over and sprain his knee as his 900-pound arm goes across his body. The last time a backup QB for the Steelers played the Ravens, Charlie Batch led his team to a thrilling victory and I ran straight through the television. Every man, woman, and child on Earth was my best friend that fine day.

culturehug jim carrey the cable guySaturday Night Live snl high five adam sandler chris farley

– Steelers win by 1 point, you pick the score.


One thing I appreciate about the Saints is that, no matter how they bad they are, their games remain watchable. This is because Drew Brees is an American treasure. He’s 5’5”, 37-years-old, and still plays the game fearlessly with a 1-second release. This game also will give me a tiny dopamine shot just by seeing the uniform match-ups on the field. Look at all that goooollllllllddddddd.

dancing gold lebron james suit lebron          – Saints 45, 49ers 38


Another old NFC West contest. God the Rams suck. I mean, they have won some games here and there and they do have some talent on defense including all-time great ‘Pitt Panther’ Aaron Donald. But there is so much to root against. The QB situation, Jeff Fisher, their ownership, inability to block for Todd Gurley, the lack of water (!) at their stadium. Fuck the Rams. But, what’s this? They are winning this game?! Upset special?! No, the Panthers lose games now, remember?

cam newton super bowl 2016        – Rams 20, Panthers 3


It’s time to just give up on the Packers, and let them just work things out, okay? It’s just not worth it anymore to figure out what to do with them. Underrated storyline with Green Bay this year is the Favre-ing of Aaron Rodgers. The Favre-ening? The longer he plays, the more he just looks TOO relaxed out there, doing weird gallop side-stepy moves in the pocket and shovel-passing for 30 yards while winking at a linebacker. It’s ridiculous. Perhaps it’s the Olivia Munn-ing of Aaron Rodgers? One thing that is great about this game is that no one knows who will win it for god’s sake! I for one am going to pick against the Packers because someone has to at some point.

football nfl mariah carey hero green bay packers         – Colts 25, Packers 24


Andre Johnson retired last week. It makes me sad. What a great player lost on mediocre teams all those years. In honor of his career as a fantasy stud despite never having a quarterback, I’ll pick the Titans who go into the weekly high-tension movie of the week known as How the Fuck Can the Chargers Have a Close Crazy Game for the Tenth Week in a Row 2 Revenge of the Shrek As Furious.

nfl -kickoff coverages history of the 32 in 32- 32 in 32 houston texans andre johnsonaw yeah

– Titans 68, Chargers 67, all points scored by San Diego in the 4th quarter


Game of the week. Easily. This is for the division crown right now and typing that makes me feel so good. The Raiders are back and this is their first real test of the season. A great test for the Raiders offense really, and also the Broncos get to do whatever the hell it is they do sometimes. Got to go Raiders here, just so I can feel alive, baby!

jim carrey its alive       – Raiders 21, Broncos 20


This is going to be a good game. Anyone else notice how the Seahawks are the Chargers of the NFC this year? Every game they play is down-to-the-wire, butthole-puckering madness. What’s the deal? Every team plays that much better against them now? I miss the old AFC Seahawks – those were good times. What a crap franchise they were for so long. Their old logo looked like a sad bird watching the sun set after another gloomy Seattle Monday, they wore bright blue and green, played in a weird dark indoor stadium, and their all-time greatest player was Steve Largent. My hope is that I can successfully start Jimmy Graham on a week he gets a lot of fantasy points. Nothing else matters. Not my job, my health, my marriage. This. Jimmy Graham. Love you always. Sincerely, Chris.

funny cat cat laugh way make      – Seahawks 88 (for you, Jimmy), Bills 20

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Fantasy football was invented in Oakland, CA in 1963! Look it up. This group of loveably smart and (what I imagine to be) beer-loving fat guys called themselves the Pigskin Prognosticators. If they were around now they would, no doubt, be drinking IPAs like no one’s business. And it is helpful to remember how this whole thing started when you’re drafting a team or even dropping & adding players from the waiver wire as the season progresses. It’s all about guesswork and light research.  I mean, that’s the best you can really do. It is perfectly okay to go balls deep into every overly long Matthew Berry ESPN article or purchase that Pro Football Focus PDF or learn the names of kickers. To me, it usually comes back to just “well who has the best chance to perform well in that particular team environment against this other particular team on this particular week.” And that’s it.  Sure, you might start Marvin Jones on the wrong week but is that worse than most things in life? No. And yeah you might have no running backs right now but . . . no one has any running backs, man. Okay, at least 3 people in your league have good running backs, but all those guys are getting hurt by Week 10 so who cares.

no cake blow injuries

Let’s talk football. There are currently 14 teams above .500, 3 teams at .500, and 15 teams below .500. The NFL disgusts me with how even-handed it is! How did they figure this out? The only teams unaffected by the league’s parity are New England and Cleveland, and both of those stories are so boring I can’t even get angry or happy about it anymore.

I’ve been following the NFL since I could form memories and I’ve finally reached the point where I realize that any form of perceived chaos shall return to stasis. There is no grand change, only the semblance of it. Whatever wild hype you can start in the offseason (I’m looking at you, “Jacksonville will be good” prognosticators), will eventually be proven false. All directions are the same direction. 

So before I stare into the void (while also providing some stone-cold 100% correct picks) let’s share five revelations from the 2016 season so far and attempt to feel real emotions.

1. The Panthers are probably pretty bad. 

I feel bad about this one. One of the things that’s fun about a league as over-analyzed as the NFL is rooting against a mainstream storyline that is being sold to their thick fan base of white supremacists. The “Cam is a sore loser” narrative is worthless and exploitative of a dude who plays the most important position on the field in an entertaining way. But what is worse than having to deal with the narrative as a fan when Cam loses? It’s the Panthers losing to EVERYONE and us having to see him pout all over the news. Terrible. I don’t like this. 

homer eating weekend lazy couch potato      CHAOS SCALE: Man from couch: “Hey, football player carrying the ball, don’t take big hits!”


2.     The Vikings are probably really good.

The way the Vikings tragically lost their mediocre franchise quarterback and remain extra solid with another mediocre franchise quarterback plucked from the dry cleaners in Philadelphia proves that they knew their defense was balls-out amazing and that they could win the NFC North no problem because *looks at rest of NFC North* they are the only team not made of sticks and glue. It’s exactly what Denver did last year except Denver was playing in a division twice as competitive.  Vikings are it. Mark my words. If you still don’t believe, think on this: Who can challenge them in the playoffs? Seattle! Yeah, sure. And … that’s it, buddy. Vikings are NFC Championship or bust. The class of each conference is who can play defense. People lose sight of that far too much.

football nfl vikings smh no way      CHAOS SCALE – Who is Minnesota’s backup quarterback?


3.     The Raiders should clearly be America’s Team

Look at the AFC standings right now.  It looks how it looks every fucking year since 2005, except one thing. The Oakland Raiders are in the top 6. The Raiders are a small-market team, so the fact that they are doing this (playing winning football and being relevant for the first time since 2002!) is not covered in the same way as, say, the Cowboys having two good quarterbacks as some kind of problem or the Giants being on national television every weekend. This is a crime. The Raiders are one of the staple teams in the league and (to me) represent the NFL at its best. I say this as a Steelers fan mind you, so I am biased. Reaching back to the 70’s is part of my DNA.

But still. The Raiders being good again is a wonderful thing. There are only four kinds of hatred I feel as a Steeler fan: Patriots hatred (as above, getting boring at this point, and it’s in some ways like hating patriotism itself), Cowboys hatred (also boring and really how are the Cowboys anything but harmless?), Ravens hatred (more like feisty respect), and Raiders hatred which makes me feel ALIVE. It’s live and die by the pirate sword football. Bring back the good Raiders! For the record, I shall not hate the Bengals until they win a playoff game in the 21st Century. Hate is too strong an emotion for their bullshit.

       CHAOS SCALE – Oh shit the Raiders are moving to Vegas soon.

4. The NFL is run by a Puritan hierarchy that can’t decide if a player dancing is worse than or equally as penalty-worthy as a player getting hit square in the skull.

The NFL is the best in the world at selling its product. Why can’t they decide if they will protect the players who are the product?

I guess this point isn’t actually shocking but I feel it needs to be said more and more by the fans. Maybe Roger Goodell’s dominatrix needs to back it off just little bit and inspire him to work for something that matters? I just don’t know. At this point, the only thing that would definitely make the change effective is outlawing pads & helmets altogether. I want to know the rate of concussion and CTE among rugby players. Has to be lower, right? No armored human missiles, no huge hits anymore. This is a bad, bad conundrum.

punch  CHAOS SCALE – Please enjoy this head-knocking version of the NFL while it lasts.

5. The NFL playoffs will again feature a bad team hosting a playoff game on Wild Card weekend.

Maybe this isn’t that shocking either. Look back at those standings – there is some awful shit going in the AFC this year. Houston or *gasps deeply* Tennessee will most definitely have a home playoff game this year to a better team and get soundly beaten on national television. That team most likely being Kansas City or Oakland. This is just sad, and it’s Houston’s only legacy at this point. I don’t remember this ever being a thing years back. All 12 playoff-qualifying teams would have, annually, 10 wins or higher. The sad part is that the odds of a team like Houston running the table are very low, and it becomes a very weird annual exercise to see a team make the playoffs and get decimated.

The odds of a fifth or sixth seed team running the table are much higher in the AFC – that doesn’t make any sense. It’s as if the NFL sews underdog storylines into the playoff format! Goddamn bastards! The rebuttal here is that a Wild Card team running the table will always be more entertaining from an objective point of view anyway so who cares. And those Wild Card teams who won championships – including the ’97 Broncos, the ’05 Steelers, the ’07 Giants (most famously), and the 2010 Packers – are very memorable indeed.

Cheezburger sports peace tom brady peace sign    CHAOS SCALE – Ugh just give the fucking Patriots the Lamar Hunt trophy. Happiness is a sham and I hate myself.

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It’s weird week fantasy freaks! Out of division match-ups abound. The worst defenses against some of the most mediocre of quarterbacks. Prepare to get it wrong. Prepare to be surprised. Prepare to watch anything besides Titans/Browns.



Let’s get to the games:


Suddenly, this game has more juice than anyone could have ever imagined. Grandmother’s know who Colin Kaepernick is now. The last time he was fantasy relevant, ‘Blurred Lines’ was popular and Aaron Hernandez hadn’t murdered anyone  yet. As far as we know. McCoy is having an awesome year, but so has the 49ers Carlos Hyde. He’s been as consistent as they come and he’s finding the end zone. Both run defenses are soft. Quarterbacks struggle in this game but the winner of the ground game wins. Slight edge to Shady. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Carlos Hyde, Lesean McCoy.

music video robin thicke pharrell williams blurred lines elle evans      “Sheep, tell the waiter what you want….. No, I’m not ordering for you, look at him and tell the nice man what you….Sheep……..ugh, he’ll order don’t worry….SHEEP! Tell the nice man what you….look at me….tell him…tell……….”

BILLS 27 49ERS 23


In terms of dramatics, this game may offer more than Eddie Redmayne’s acting. Both teams will score on each other at will in this division rivalry. These are the types of games that show Eagles fans what they may have in Carson Wentz. These are the types of games that may remind Washington what they’re stuck with. The winner of the turnover battle wins this game. This does not trend well for Kirk Cousins. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Ryan Matthews, Jordan Matthews, Matt Jones.

eddie redmayne mila kunis jupiter ascending jupiter jones tw violencemovies film eddie redmayne gesture i dont know



Marcus Mariota may be entering a hot streak. After a huge fantasy day last week check out this cupcake schedule for the next month: Browns (4th),  Colts (5th), Jaguars (6th), Chargers (7th). Those numbers in parenthesis are where those teams rank in the category of most fantasy points given up to quarterbacks. The Browns allow just under 300 yards passing a game and have allowed 13 passing Tuddy’s. On the offensive side the Brownies are currently hosting  a radio contest to see who their quarterback will be this weekend. Every 100th caller can decide between being the Browns starting quarterback or a lifetime supply of chinese finger traps. Currently the finger traps are sold out. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray, Delanie Walker, Isiah Crowell.

movies film christina ricci 1991 the addams family       The inner bondage of being a Browns fan.



The Giants defense has been tough on opposing wide receivers. The Ravens and Joe Flacco are still shaking the cobwebs out after breaking the spell Marc “Offensive Genius Wizard” Trestman had over the organization. The Ravens offense is 22nd in total yards per game and Flacco is averaging 5.94 yards per pass attempt (30th in the league). The Giants haven’t been much better. Since Week 1, Eli has thrown 3 interceptions and only two Tuddy’s in four games. He’s completed 43 of 80 passes in his last two. Eli’s in the Fantasy Doghouse right now. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Terrence West, Odell Beckhams Jr. (Because you still have to).

pretty little liars pll lucy hale aria montgomery aria    “Ma’m, you’ve got Eli Manning waiting on the Fantasy Hot Line…….”



Cam is back. Brees is at home. Let’s hit the stats to hammer home the “Must Play Brees at Home” preseason theory: Two Home Games: seven Tuddy’s, one interception, 799 yards 66.7% completion percentage. Two Road games: three Tuddy’s, two interceptions, 470 yards, 64% completion percentage. The Panthers D has been good minus getting sent through the Julio Jones wood chipper two weeks ago. Nobody would have guessed BOTH of these teams would be 1-4. Panthers find a way. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Brandin Cooks, Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen.

Brees nfl smooth saints “Fantasy customer service, this is Drew Brees. Home games? Uh, yeah, I think I kind of like them.”



The Jags have given up seven Tuddy’s to opposing wide receivers. The Bears are at home and if T.Y. Hilton gave them problems last week, the speed of Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson should burn the Bears at least twice. The saving grace is that its impossible to figure out which Blake Bortles is going to show up. He sucks in the first half, he overthrows in the second half. Look for a boring first half and some big plays shake loose in the second. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Brian Hoyer, Allen Robinson, Jordan Howard, Allen Hurns.

mrw bear jello charades grizzly     Typed in “Grizzly Bears”. This came up.



The Lions haven’t given up a rushing Tuddy yet. Is there a more disappointing top ten fantasy pick than Todd Gurley? He’s been boom, he’s been bust he’s on pace for less than 1,000 yards rushing. Crying yet? He’s averaging 2.7 yards per carry. It isn’t that he isn’t getting the touches, he’s getting 21 a game. Trade him now fantasy freaks! FANTASY THUMBS UP: Matt Stafford, Theo Riddick, Marvin Jones Jr.

GIPHY Originals screaming enough yell ari spoolscreaming horrified disgusted terrified married with children     Todd Gurley’s Fantasy Stats.



This game, historically, may seem like a weird one. But the Dolphins give it up in the air. Big time. The Steelers live in the air. Big Ben already has 15 passing Tuddy’s and Leveon Bell is back and better than ever. The Steelers nauseatingly keep finding wide receivers-welcome to fantasy land Sammie Coates! Yes, its out of the division and yes its hurricane season. But the Steelers are good enough on offense to continue to cruise. Big Ben is flush in the middle of the hottest streak of his career. Flush on Big Ben. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, Sammie Coates, Isiah Crowell.

batman forums dark steelers knight          Boomin’ in Miami. Buenvenidos a Miami.



The Bengals have problems. They just got gashed by Zeke and the Cowboys and now they get the fire breathing dragon Brady. ESPN’s favorite son returns to Foxboro to a frothing throng of sports horny Boston fans. The Bengals are reeling and this is, well, bad timing. The two headed tight end monster flexed hard last week with Martellus Bennett and Rob Gronkowski. Flex Week continues in Week 6. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett, James White.

chuck norris            Tom Brady’s current state of Zen.



The Raiders are the Showbiz Pizza Place of the 2016 NFL season. A top 5 fantasy quarterback, two top 10 wide receivers and three running backs that by season’s end could all be fantasy viable. The Chiefs haven’t played in two weeks, failing to show up against the Steelers and then a Bye Week. The Raiders have given up more than 27 points four times this season. The Chiefs will have offensive success, but the Raiders stay hot. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree.

food 80s pizza retro 1980s



Falcons give up 303 passing yards a game to quarterbacks. The Seahawks needed the Bye Week to heal up. Russell Wilson, hopefully healed, will light it up in Seattle. Can the Falcons keep the good vibes going and beat an elite defense two weeks in a row? This is the Fantasy game of the week. Sit back and enjoy. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Christine Michael, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman.

dancing baby sleeping beat when the beat drops    Snap out of that Sad Nap! We’re going to Downtown Points Town!



The Cowboys are coming in with some a steady stream of momentum. It’s hard to enter the Dark Lord’s house and leave victorious.  Aaron Rodgers is 52-13 at home with 145 Tuddy’s and only 28 interceptions. He’s 34-31 on the road. Ezekiell Elliott is a fantasy monster, fulfilling the prophecies and dreams of summer. The Tuddy Guys are going to ride the Zeke train until they lose. Dan Bailey kicks a last second field goal. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Ezekiel Elliott.

politics tonight show joe biden shake weight jimmy fallon          Cowboys….. ‘Merica’s Team.



These teams came into the season with some high expectations. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. The Colts can’t stop anyone and no one can stop Brock Osweiler because he’s doing the stopping all by himself. This is a crucial AFC South matchup. In the grand scheme of the season this game would rank right below “Don’t burn your toast” on the Crucial Meter. Can the Texans please GPS to Deandre Hopkins location please and pick him up? Despite usual traffic, the ball will still arrive to his hands. We promise. Trust him Brock and throw that rock. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Lamar Miller, Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Deandre Hopkins.

road trip waynes world headbanging rock music wayne “FOR THOSE ABOUT TO BROCK! WHAT ARE YOU THIIIIIN-KIIINNNNNNNG??”



The Cards D is a great play against the Jets and Fitz-magic. The offense for the Jets is officially fucked up. Eric Decker is out for the year, Brandon Marshall is an outburst waiting to happen and they suddenly have forgotten that Forte needs to get the ball in space. The Cardinals may be in the process of changing their entire offensive philosophy from ‘Huck and Chuck’ to ‘Ground and Pound’. David Johnson! The Jets have allowed only one rushing Tuddy but have given up three receiving to running backs. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Larry Fitzgerald, David Johnson, Brandon Marshall.

beard “Dude, I throw you the ball 30 times a game. Just, don’t invade the space.”



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October. The fantasy picture is becoming clearer by the day. Who we trust. Who we love. Who we hate. Who we will trade. Last week was a bounce back week for The Tuddy Guys, going 9-5 on our picks. It’s the first heavy Bye Week of the NFL season and some studs will be riding the bench. So let’s take a look at the match-ups and get your lineup feeling right and tight for Week 5!


Some of you fantasy freaks will be without Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Blake Bortles this week. Here are your top replacements for Week 5:

Carson Wentz EAGLES at LIONS: The Lions defense has allowed 12 passing Tuddy’s to opposing quarterbacks. Wentz has an excellent matchup to rack up some yards and maybe throw a Tuddy or two.

Brian Hoyer BEARS at COLTS: Last season Brian Hoyer went 24-31, 312 yards, two Tuddy’s and one interception against the Colts. It’s not like the Colts defense made any effort to get better. They somehow made efforts to get worse. Hoyer will put up solid numbers in Week 5.

Dak Prescott BENGALS AT COWBOYS: Prescott not in your lineup? He’s 9th among quarterbacks in fantasy and plays a Bengals secondary at home that has given up 10 Tuddy’s to passer’s through four games.



A lot depends on the availability of Carson Palmer. Carlos Hyde brings his five Tuddy September into October against a tough Cardinals defense. The 49ers have given up the fifth most rushing yards to opposing running backs-(translate)-David Johnson will have a huge game. Whoever plays quarterback. The Cardinals bite, scratch, claw and coach their way to a must win on Thursday night. FANTASY THUMBS UP: David Johnson, Carlos Hyde.

Cheezburger cat animals baby kids       Look, but don’t maul.



Brady’s back! Brady’s back! The Browns have some sneaky fantasy pieces, with Isiah Crowell second in the NFL in rushing yards (394) and Terrelle Pryor looking like a fantasy stud more and more each week. On the other side? Brady’s back. Pats roll. Watch Tom breathe fire. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Terrelle Pryor, Isiah Crowell, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Martellus Bennett.

football new england patriots tom brady pumped up ne patriots      Somebody just found out he’s got avocado ice cream waiting for him at home.



The matchup for Carson Wentz has been illustrated above. This is an excellent matchup for returning tight end Zach Ertz. The Lions have been beaten by opposing tight ends for six Tuddy’s already this season. Wentz will sustain drives while the Lions will score but Matt Stafford will struggle against an Eagles defense that has been a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Carson Wentz, Ryan Matthews, Zach Ertz, Marvin Jones Jr.

celebration philadelphia eagles carson wentz jordan matthews classy celebration      An Officer and a Wentzleman



The Colts are terrible, they’re on a short week, they’re going to be jet lagged blah, blah blah. Andrew Luck is still seventh in fantasy for quarterbacks. As long as Luck keeps chucking the rock, the Bears will have trouble slowing down the Colts in Indy. The Bears cling to leads and the Colts chase them. This will be close. Luckily, for the Bears, the Colts have allowed 24.6 fantasy points a game to running backs, per Jordan Howard should have another strong week, the perfect recipe for the Bears to pick up another win. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Brian Hoyer, Andrew Luck, Jordan Howard.

football forum fan johnson luck              Life is good when you get 100 million to have your shit kicked in every week.



Demarco Murray is back. The Dolphins have given up the fourth most rushing yards to opposing running backs. He IS the Titans offense right now as they struggle to find receivers that can’t get separation. The Dolphins have only one interception on the season. This is must win, desperate territory for the Dolphins at home and Ryan Tannenhill can toss a strong game once a month. This is one of those weeks. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Demarco Murray, Marcus Mariota, Jarvis Landry.

dancing tumblr jack nicholson ace ventura woot        The last remains of the Ryan Tannenhill cheering section.



Washington’s run defense has been a disaster. They’ve given up 715 all purpose yards and seven Tuddy’s to running backs already this season. Terrence West had a solid fantasy day last week, racking up 111 yards and a Tuddy. The Ravens win this one by controlling the clock, kicking field goals and Flacco being boring the whole game except for one play where he hurls the ball down field and Steve Smith Sr. punches two guys in the face and then catches the ball. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Jordan Reed, Terrence West, Steve Smith Sr., Mike Wallace.

face punch surprise punchThe X Factor punch xfactor face punch x factorface punch punch reflexesface punch reaction punch hermione grangerface punch reaction punch the hand that rocks the cradle



Two teams that will run the ball. The Texans defense has been a black hole for opposing quarterbacks, allowing only one passing Tuddy all season and a 52% completion percentage. The Vikings D will control the game and the key to a Texans win will be if Lamar Miller can find the end zone against a D that has only allowed one rushing Tuddy. It won’t be enough. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Texans D, Vikings D, Jerrick McKinnon, Lamar Miller.

defense offense    Not a lot of ‘Defense Gifs’. So we settled on the most fucked up gif possible.



Ryan Fitzpatrick has 10 interceptions. In only four games. Do the math on how many he’s projected to finish with. Maybe he’s gotten his ‘diarrhea of the hand’ out of his system and will bounce back in Pittsburgh. This is a bad time to play the Steelers. Bell is back, Brown is still ‘Boomin’ and The Tuddy Guy’s aren’t sure if Big Ben has had this type of awesome offensive pieces to choose from since that one time in college he bought a 250 piece of fried chicken from KFC. For just himself. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Ben Roesthlisberger, Leveon Bell, Antonio Brown, Sammie Coates, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall.

face year waiting brown next         What KFC did to Brown’s Chicken and Pasta in the 1990’s.



Matt Ryan is still the number one quarterback in fantasy. By, like, a lot right now. Thats what playing the Saints and then backing that up by throwing for 500 yards will do for you. It also helps having Julio “Madden character playing in real life” Jones. This week, there’s a roadblock ahead for this Falcons fantasy freight train. The Broncos have given up the fourth fewest passing yards to opposing quarterback’s, they lead the NFL in sacks (17) and defensive scores (2). The Falcons are hot right now, Julio Jones is unstoppable but those Bronco D numbers are the perfect ingredients to Matt Ryan’s Multi Layered Pick-6 Casserole. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, C.J. Anderson.

images catch jones julio julio jones        Julio Jones taking a casual stroll in Wisconsin.



Ezekiel Elliott leads the NFL with 412 rushing yards.  The key to the game will be how the Cowboys secondary slows down A.J. Green. The Cowboys can win if the game is Jeremy Hill V Elliott. If Dak Prescott can continue to limit mistakes and keep the chains moving, the Bengals come up short. Andy Dalton melts down in Dallas. FANTASY THUMBS UP: A.J. Green, Ezekiell Elliott, Jeremy Hill.

jones jerry chris christie           “And Dan Bailey’s kick… good!!!…….Again.”



The Bills have won two in a row. The Rams have perfected the art of getting the opposing team to play their brand of football. Low scoring and boring. Both teams defenses have been tough on opposing quarterbacks. Aaron Donald on the Rams is a force. The good times keep rolling in LA and the Rams win another ugly game. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Tavon Austin, Todd Gurley, Lesean McCoy.

dallas winston   They score points in football right?????



Two top ten fantasy quarterbacks on teams going in different directions. The key to this one is the matchup between number two fantasy running back Melvin Gordon attempting to run through a god awful Oakland rush defense. They’ve already allowed almost 500 yards to running backs and Gordon leads the NFL with six Tuddy’s. The Chargers again will be apart of a game that features a lot of points and then the Chargers blow it. Michael Crabtree is tied for the lead with all NFL receivers with four Tuddy’s.  FANTASY THUMBS UP: Phillip Rivers, Derek Carr, Melvin Gordon, Travis Benjamin, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree.

sports football nfl philadelphia eagles san diego chargers       Phillips Rivers: Always down to fight. And then lose.



Where art thou Odell? Are ye screaming at flies for landing on your pancakes or crying on the sidelines because the bad men on the other team hath hurt your feelings? Maybe it’s those lecherous refs, leering eyes keenly watching your every move with judgement and suspicion. Dude! You’re one of the best in the game! Playing sports as a kid a Tuddy Guy could pick out the star players by how they carried themselves. Like they knew something we didn’t. Dark Lord Rodgers has it in spades. The Packers secondary is a mess but will force Eli Manning into a few mistakes. Odell will flash some positive signs on Sunday night. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr.

crying      Odell, meet your spirit animal: Tobey Maguire.



Cam is also dealing with a concussion and, as of now, looks like he won’t suit up. The Tuddy Guys still like the Panthers in this one. The Panthers D has been a disappointment through four games but this game at home against a sophomore slumping Jameis Winston is a huge opportunity to get a win. The Buccaneers D has already given up nine Tuddy’s to wide receivers. The Panthers are tied for third in the NFL with five interceptions and Winston has already thrown eight. Under the bright lights, the Panthers win. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Mike Evans.

gross disgusted jack sparrow eww gag    Tampa Bay’s season tastes like……



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Congratulations to the new father A.J. Green! 2o minutes after learning your new born child had arrived happy and healthy you went out and dropped 10 receptions, 173 yards and a Tuddy against the Dolphins. Congratulations ALSO is in order to The Tuddy Guy New Baby Theory. For years our belief is that whenever a player welcomes a child into their family and plays a game within 24 hours they put up monster numbers. Doug Martin’s four Tuddy game in 2o12 is proud of you A.J.. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive!

Last week The Tuddy Guys got demolished on our picks 6-9. It wasn’t for the feint of heart out there in Week 3 but that won’t stop us from taking chances in Week 4.


There aren’t too many people who took Carson Wentz as their starting quarterback in fantasy so The Tuddy Guys are going to assume you’ve got that covered. But for those of you who have Aaron Rodgers, consider these replacements:

1. Trevor Semien vs Buccaneers. The Bucs have allowed 7-1 Tuddy’s to interceptions. They also are allowing almost 32 points a game to receivers. Even on the road, Semien is poised for a productive day.

2. Joe Flacco at home vs the Raiders. The Raiders D already has been torched for over 1,000 passing yards by opposing quarterbacks. Flacco can chuck the rock a long way.

3. (If you’re desperate) Dak Prescott at 49ers OR Blaine Gabbert vs. Cowboys. This game should be a grind fest but two lackluster defenses offer plenty of opportunities.

TUDDY SEASON PICKS : 16-14. On to the games! Let’s get ’em right!


Allen Robinson has been targeted 32 times for only 15 receptions through three games. That’s just one of the many ingredients in the current batch of Blake Bortles Hate Soup.  The game is in London. Bortles already has six interceptions. This could be a disaster for the London Jaguars. Thankfully they play the Colts, a team that keeps teams in games like a kid who can’t help inviting the entire school to their birthday party. Even the asshole that kicked their ass over an Ecto-Cooler juice box. They’re a glutton for punishment. The London Factor: there will be at least 3 interceptions on the board before most of us even wake up on Sunday. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Allen Robinson, T.Y. Hilton, Andrew Luck.

ew grumpy angry annoyed watching      Good morning Clint? Can I get you a hot cup of interceptions?



Two teams already doing the doggie paddle in the deep end of the 2016 NFL season. The Titans haven’t scored more than 16 points in a game this year. The Texans just put J.J. Watt on IR with a bad back. This game will be decided by two runnings games that rank in the top half of the NFL through three games. Demarco Murray has quietly had an excellent start, racking up 377 all purpose yards. Lamar Miller, thanks to 74 carries, is as good as advertised. Miller didn’t see his 74th carry until Week 7 of last year. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Demarco Murray, Lamar Miller.

dog summer swimming pug   That’s it, you’ll be at 8-8 before you know it little guy!



Washington wins, but it’s another ugly one against an awful Browns team. Waiver wire pickup of the week Jamison Crowder already has seven red zone targets. Desean Jackson should be poised for a huge game. Kirk Cousins plays within the 20’s and leads his squad to a ton of field goals. In Browns news, Terrelle Pryor is coming off an explosive game. Wide receiver Josh Gordon also has checked himself into rehab the week before his suspension ends. And the hits just keeeep on comin’ for Cleveland. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Dustin Hopkins, Desean Jackson, Terelle Pryor.

fans react browns trade trent   Browns fans wake up like this.



The Seahawks haven’t given up a Tuddy to opposing quarterbacks thus far in the young season. Ryan Fitzpatrick last week handed out interceptions like they were copies of his Mumford and Sons cover band album.  Brandon Marshall has been targeted 29 times in 2016 but has only 13 receptions, a less than 45 percent completion percentage. Marshall will stay silent only so long. In fantasy, but also verbally. On the other side, the Jets defense has seen 54 targets thrown to wide receivers and have allowed 38 receptions. Russell Wilson will be hobbled in this game and he still will play better than Fitzpatrick. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Christine Michael, Jimmy Graham.

movie nfl seahawks seattle seahawks heroin    Pete Carroll: protecting the kids. Can’t protect Russell Wilson.



The Bills have surrendered the second most Tuddy’s to running backs with five. Who starts at quarterback for the Patriots? Larry Bird? Drew Bledsoe? Does it even matter? Weird stat: the Patriots have only allowed one made field goal so far in 2016. The Bills play this one close and squeeze out a victory thanks to a strong red zone game from Lesean McCoy. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Lesean McCoy, Lagarette Blount, Julian Edelman.

reasons tom same person tom brady     Cheer up Pats fans. Guess who’s coming baaaaaaaack ……………



The Falcons have an excellent 1-2 punch in the backfield. Matt Ryan is currently the number one quarterback in fantasy per The Falcons offense is averaging 448 yards of total offense a game. The problem is their defense gives up 433 a game. The Panthers are 1-2 and banged up at running back. They need this one has much as you could ‘need’ a game in September. Paging Fozzy Whitaker: Falcons D has given up over 500 all purpose yards and four Tuddy’s to opposing backs through three games. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Devonta Freeman, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman, Fozzy Whitaker, Greg Olsen, Kelvin Benjamin.

fun excited weird old grandma    Joey and Dave checking our fantasy scores during this game.



Amari Cooper already has 270 receiving yards. For perspective, Cooper has been targeted 34 times and has only 16 completions. Connecting with your best receiver less than 50 percent of the time isn’t good. The 3-0 Ravens will have trouble keeping up with the Raiders firepower. Tight end Dennis Pitta leads the Ravens in receptions. The only thing the Ravens have going for them is a coaching staff and veteran players that can sneak up on a young Raiders team still trying to decide whether they’re good or not. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Amari Cooper, Mike Wallace, Dennis Pitta, Derek Carr.

beetlejuice      Underdressed Raiders fan.



The urge here is to unleash a bitch-fest. About Jay, GM Ryan Pace and how I’d rather chug piping hot milk than watch Jim Caldwell and John Fox try and “out-coach” each other. A few stats: The Bears defense has 12 fantasy points. All season. Bad? The Lions defense has nine. The Lions have already surrendered 10 Tuddy’s to quarterbacks. The Bears are in the bottom half of total offensive yards a game (27th), passing yards (23rd), rushing yards (30th) and points per scored (30th). The Bears can’t go winless ALL SEASON and they’ve lost six straight against the Lions. Matt Stafford is the number 3 quarterback in fantasy right now. Marvin Jones will most certainly get his in this one. Then take some more. But it’s impossible to trust the Lions, so the Bears sneak one out this week……psyche! FANTASY THUMBS UP: Marvin Jones Jr., Matt Stafford, Jordan Howard.

dumb       You can’t escape the TV Bears fan. No one is safe.



As mentioned before, this is a strong game for Trevor Semien. The Buccaneers D is nothing special and Semien is coming off a four Tuddy performance. Emmanuel Sanders, after a enormous fantasy week, now has eight red zone targets. The Broncos defense gives Jameis Winston problems at home and the Broncos winning ways continue in Tampa. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Mike Evans, Trevor Semien, C.J. Anderson, Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas.

Madden Giferator denver broncos broncos maddengiferator von miller      Von Miller Time.



This game could be a mess. The Cardinals are searching for an identity and the Rams are still searching for the ancient destination some call “The End Zone”. Carson Palmer has been inconsistent at best. The only chemistry he has right now is with Larry Fitzgerald. Michael Floyd has been targeted 23 times and has only 9 receptions. That’s a completion percentage of 39%. John Brown has disappeared. David Johnson is second on the team with 10 receptions. Look at us, so rude and disrespectful. The Rams offense would kill for any of these things were talking about: receptions, gaining yards, an offense. The Cards win, but all the kinks aren’t ironed out yet. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Larry Fitzgerald, David Johnson.

frustrated jim carrey attorney liar liar spit take       Carson drops back, throws to an open receiver……overthrown!



The Saints defense has scored three points. Like, for the entire season so far. Here you are sir! One fantasy point for your coffers! Now scamper home to your folks before a plague ridden rat bites you! I think it’s safe to say Phillip Rivers is a must start. The Tuddy Guys aren’t big fans of Brees on the road. But in San Diego, an afternoon start time and a chance to kick the shit out of the team that drafted him has us feeling confident. Brees continues his hot start but Rivers gets the win. The Saints have given up seven total Tuddy’s to opposing running backs. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Drew Brees, Phillips Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Brandin Cooks.

stop rivers sucking philip   River-dance.



Looks like the Cowboys will be without Dez Bryant and on the other side Jerry Rice no longer plays for the 49ers. This screams of a ground it out, clock controlling, field goal, limit the turnovers snooze fest of a game. There will be a ton of short yardage third down situations. Ezekiell Elliott and Carlos Hyde are both coming off strong fantasy weeks. This will continue. The big key will be Dak Prescott’s red zone offense. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Ezekiel Elliott, Carlos Hyde, Cole Beasely, Dan Bailey.

football sports nfl denver broncos dallas cowboys     Everybody loves those field goals!



Chiefs have eight interceptions so far this season. More reasons for the Steelers to be scared? The Chiefs live off of converting third downs. The Steelers have only sacked the quarterback once this season. They also got their doors blown off by the Eagles last week. Reasons for the Chiefs to be scared? The Steelers got embarrassed last week and they’ll be mighty pissed off. They’ll also be welcoming the return of Leveon Bell. Bell is a legit Top 10 Fantasy Force. The Chiefs have given up the 11th most fantasy points to running backs, per Between Antonio Brown AND Leveon Bell on the same team, it’s hard to bet against the Steelers. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Ben Roesthlisberger, Travis Kelce, Leveon Bell, Antonio Brown.

nfl celebration vikings touchdown steelers      If you have forgotten the tricks of Leveon Bell’s trade. A reminder.



The Vikings have 15 sacks, five interceptions and five forced fumbles. Heck, those are three of Eli Manning’s favorite things! Every year there comes a fantasy defense out of nowhere that’s so formidable they become a weekly stay away. Minnesota is that team moving forward. They’re fast, well coached and brimming with pissed off confidence. The Giants could hang in this one if Odell decides to stop getting into fights with kicking nets and put up some fantasy numbers ‘Odell Style’ FANTASY THUMBS UP: Vikings D, Odell Beckham Jr., Stefon Diggs

FOX Sports: Watch. Enjoy. Repeat. tv funny dance football     It’s been one hell of a Sunday. Time for an ice cold Odell Style!



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Week 2 delivered some good news, some bad news and some news so bad Huey Lewis wouldn’t even read. The bad news was the Week 2 slate of games was as unpredictable as a character in a movie played by Ben Foster. The Saints/Giants fantasy-fest turned into a slumber party. Russel Wilson and the Seahawks scored three points. Tyrod Taylor cracked the fantasy top 5.

The ‘So Bad’ news is fantasy freaks took everywhere some serious hits at running back. Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Adrian Peterson, Thomas Rawls, Ameer Abdullah, Danny Woodhead, Jeremy Langford. Langford didn’t get hurt, but still. All of these guys are either missing serious time or they’re done for the season. The Tuddy Guys understand, your fantasy train was chugging along. Then it did this:


The good news! Being wrong is ok. Wrong about our cheat sheets, our rankings, our predictions. It’s ok to be wrong from time to time. It keeps The Tuddy Guy humble. It doesn’t usually arrive until October, but the sting of humble pie the NFL has served can be viewed as a good thing. It’s only Week 3. Antonio Brown got the stinker out of the way. There’s a fresh crop of running backs that have to get touches simply out of necessity. It’s tough to read who emerges this week but after this Sunday it’s high time to hitch ourselves to some new RB wagons. Choose wisely.

Onto the games! (Tuddy Guys picks went 10-5  in Week 2)


The Bills D has been brutal. They’ve already given up 536 yards to receivers through the first two games. The Cardinals are still in the process of finding their groove. Not expecting a monster game from David Johnson, but he will continue to do David Johnson things. The big question in this one is which Cardinals defense shows to try and stop the one man improv that is Tyrod Taylor when he ventures outside of the pocket. FANTASY THUMBS UP: David Johnson, Carson Palmer, Tyrod Taylor, Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald.

nfl new york jets rex ryan man eyes



The Raiders are giving it up in the air. This is a big opportunity for Marcus Mariota to have himself a nice day. The Raiders are allowing almost 30 fantasy points a game and have given up seven Tuddy’s to opposing quarterbacks, per They also have allowed an average of almost 44 points to receivers. Per game! Mariota will put up the numbers but fall short winning this one. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Marcus Mariota, Tajae Sharpe, Amari Cooper, Delanie Walker.

images fans raiders



Last week the Giants did Giants things. Instill fantasy confidence and then snatch it away. Washington has a Kirk Cousins problem. Cousins has only one Tuddy and three picks. There’s enough weapons on the Washington offense to fight the Foot Clan. So what happens in this divisional matchup? The matchup of Josh Norman covering Odell Beckham Jr. will tell the tale. Last year Beckham got shut down by the Panthers and Norman and let’s just say the two of them won’t be splitting apps and dining out any time soon. The Tuddy guess here is Beckham wins the battle and the Giants win the game. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Odell Beckham Jr., Desean Jackson, Jordan Reed, Sterling Shepard.

deal with it odell beckham jr ny giants nygiants football



Get your tickets! White hot tickets to an NFL game! Seriously, just giving these away! No? The Browns are an embarrassment of riches. Did I say riches? I meant dog shit. The Dolphins, also, are simply not very good. Jarvis Landry, thank goodness, still is. The Browns have given up 275+ passing yards in the first two games and Miami desperately needs a feel good game. Feel on Adam Gase, feel on. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Jarvis Landry, Gary Barnidge.

80s baby patrick swayze dirty dancing



One of the tougher games to pick in Week 3. Is Blake Bortles a garbage yard quarterback? He’s been rotting hot garbage in the first half of games and the start Allen Robinson has had to his fantasy season makes a Tuddy Guy reachin’ for the bottle. The Ravens, on the other side, don’t care how they win their games as long as they win them. That’s always a scary proposition in fantasy. Thankfully Mike Wallace has emerged as a player worth owning and possibly starting. But The Tuddy Guys say pump the brakes just a bit. Wallace is the 6th ranked wide receiver in fantasy. On 12 targets. He can’t score a Tuddy every game. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Mike Wallace, Dennis Pitta, Allen Hurns.

jaguars jacksonville regis jaguarsregis



This is usually a game the Packers would dominate. The Lions would fuck up, Dark Lord Rodgers has three Tuddy’s by halftime and the Lambeau faithful breathe easy. This time around it will be close and low scoring. Marvin Jones has been an early surprise in fantasy. He’s tied for 4th in targets with 21 and Matt Stafford has been efficient and effective through two games. He’s the 7th best quarterback in fantasy right now and has tossed almost 200 more yards than D.L. Rodgers. Can the Lions win this one??? FANTASY THUMBS UP: Theo Riddick, Matt Stafford, Marvin Jones Jr., Aaron Rodgers.

yes elf peter dinklage yes gif miles finch



The Bengals offense is struggling. The pieces they’re missing in the passing game are killing them. The Broncos D is still rolling, a unit so scary they’d make a great Halloween costume. The Bengals won’t have to deal with Antonio Brown this week but can the Bengals D finally give Trevor Semien a crash course in “Welcome to the NFL?” The Broncos will have a hard time moving the ball and the Bengals score enough to win at home. FANTASY THUMBS UP: A.J. Green, Jeremy Hill.

peyton manning



No Bridgewater. No AP. No chance this week. Minnesota’s D is fantastic and a true fantasy sleeper. But it’s impossible to rally a group that’s reeling from injuries in Carolina against Cam. Cam will make his mistakes in this game and will have one of his quieter fantasy stat lines. The Panthers, however, take control and work the ground game to a convincing win. Meanwhile the Vikings can just helplessly sit back and monitor this for the next three months: FANTASY THUMBS UP: Greg Olsen, Kelvin Benjamin, Stefon Diggs.

adrian peterson water aerobics football nfl vikings



The Buccaneers delivered on the premonition from last week’s ‘Tuddy Take’ that they were dangerous. In the Maverick gets Goose killed kind of way. Jameis Winston kept throwing, kept driving, kept playing. The Rams D has given up the 7th fewest points to quarterbacks in the first two games. They had Russell Wilson running for his life last week. On the other side, a moment of silence for Todd Gurley owners out there…………we’re praying for you. The Rams offense is a lasagna of ineptitude. Many layers. Fun stat! If you haven’t noticed, Mike Evans is leading the league in targets. Because of that, Bucs win. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Mike Evans.

images mike evans mike evans



Deja vu. The Seahawks offense destroyed fantasy rosters all across America the first five weeks of the 2015 season. Why fellas? Of course we’re going to hang onto you, fuck, even keep starting you in our lineups! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the highs. But do the lows have to be so blow-up-my-fantasy-season-in-the-first-month terrible? It’s hard for The Tuddy Guys to encourage the behavior that is starting Seahawks because no one on the planet knows when/if they’re going to turn it on. Wild guess? Christine Michael solidifies his place as the number one running back and Wilson hands the ball off. Then hands the ball off. Then hands it off. Then a running play. Then a field goal. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Christine Michael, Carlos Hyde, Vance McDonald, Steven Hauschka.

running run forrest gump run forrest



This is a fun one. The Chiefs are good. They know how to win and their offensive weapons are solid fantasy contributors. The Jets have fantasy All-Stars running up and down their lineup. So who wins? The Chiefs are at home and Ryan Fitzpatrick still is capable of having a ‘Fitz-magic’ moment. As in, have a melt down. Another close one comes down to the Chiefs keeping the offense on the field and a costly Fit-magic mistake. Temper your enthusiasm for Matt Forte this week. Jeremy Maclin is coming off a game where he saw 15 targets. Just sayin’. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Jeremy Maclin, Travis Kelcie, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker.

FOX Sports: Watch. Enjoy. Repeat. funny sports football nfl



Let the interceptions begin! Can I offer anyone a tray of penalty flags? Perhaps some crucial mistakes? This game will have it all. Phillip Rivers is off to a good start and this is must-have for the Colts. Andrew Luck and Rivers will both have solid days and expect Tuddy’s in this one. As much as I’m enjoying the hilarious moxie of Rivers and the Chargers, the Colts absolutely cannot lose this one. This game could be bursting at the fantasy seams for points. FANTASY THUMBS UP: T.Y. Hilton, Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates.

film queue 4 chris farley david spade



Carson Wentz, meet Ben Roesthlisberger. Maybe one day you can be a two time Super Bowl champ, have a cool nickname (thumbs down to Wentzlvania) and have a sandwich named after you. But this week, you’re out of your league. To be fair, Wentz looks the part of a future star. The pre-snap calls and check outs, a missile for a right arm and the longest arms The Tuddy Guys have ever seen on a quarterback. Just not this week. The Steelers are in a good place and their D hits HARD. The Eagles are feeling a little too good about themselves. Look, we’re Bears fans. We know we got housed. We suck. But let’s chill out on lubing a dude up who threw for 190 passing yards against a Bears D that lost four starters during the game. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Jordan Matthews, Antonio Brown, Ben Roeshtlisberger, Deangelo Williams.

internet memes hit ben after



Hey, speaking of those Bears! It’s Brian and the Boys taking on Dallas at home on Sunday night. Brian Hoyer is an excellent backup. So in fantasy speak, he’s probably ranked somewhere in the 30’s. It’s a battle of the backups, a quarterback the Bears passed on three times IN THE SAME ROUND in Dak Prescott and Brian “I’m banned from Houston” Hoyer. We’re eternal Bears optimists……..and we even don’t like the outlook on this one. Dez Bryant and Ezekiell Elliott get theirs and the Cowboys control the game. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Ezekiel Elliott.

worried morgan freeman upset



Classic Monday night matchup. Five years ago, this game was dynamite. Drew Brees at his apex, Matt Ryan the star of the future. There used to be fantasy points a plenty. Well, welcome back 2011! Both teams defenses have displayed zero indications of preventing the opposing team from scoring at will. Fun Brees facts: He is 15-6 lifetime against the Falcons. He’s a homer, throwing 254 Tuddy’s and 99 picks at home. On the road, he’s only 179 Tuddy’s and 106 picks. Brees is a must start in New Orleans. This week is a huge fantasy litmus test for Tevin Coleman owners and whether he can emerge as a true starter in most leagues. FANTASY THUMBS UP: Tevin Coleman, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Willie Snead, Brandin Cooks.



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If you’re talking about the 2016 NFL season Lord of Rohan, The Tuddy Guys are with you every histrionic delivery of every line of dialogue step of the way!

Three pinwheels, six meatballs, one terrible Bears second half and 423 more reasons reminding us Drew Brees can still be a fantasy fireworks display later, Week 1 is in the books. For the record, the meatballs were amazing. There so many other things that stood out: the close games, those meatballs, the home losses, the way the Rams defied conventional thought of how a team could suck. The sad nap after the Bears lost.

A few things to keep an eye on the next few weeks fantasy freaks:

  1. Back to Drew Brees: He shredded the Raiders, tossing four Tuddy’s, one of the 98 yard variety. Thank you Brees and Brandin Cooks for making fantasy football worth living. Can he keep it up? The Tuddy Guys doubt he’s going to transform into the Brees of 2011, but any game that the Saints play at home is a must-start-no-doubt-sit-back-enjoy-the-points-plosion.
  2. Role Call: Welcome you fresh faced fantasy celebrities! You might recognize them as the guys you glared into the TV on Sunday and hissed: who’s that dude NOT on my team scoring all those points?! Can they handle the bright lights?

Eagles QB Carson Wentz flashed some talent in his Week 1 victory over the Browns. It’s just hard to get too excited over anyone that torches the Browns. Pretty sure 75% of their team is comprised of softball players that just now are realizing they’re not playing the sport softball.

Raiders RB Jalen Richard is a tough case. He looked magically delicious catching the ball from Derek Carr. He’s also stuck in a log jam backfield that will take weeks to figure out its hierarchy. Richard, for now, is still at the back of the line. Texans WR Will Fuller is the most intriguing option. He is lightning fast and already is making plays and catching Tuddy’s. Titans WR Tajae Sharpe also piques the interest, who didn’t post a stellar fantasy stat line, but firmly established himself as the no. 1 target of Marcus Mariota.

3: Running back up the truck- It was a tough week for RB’s that were drafted in the first few rounds. The top 5 RB’s for Week 1 (Deangelo Williams, C.J. Anderson, Spencer Ware, Theo Riddick and Carlos Hyde) did not go in anyone’s first round. David Johnson had a nice Week 1 but after that a lot of fantasy teams were breaking dishes over the output of their top RB’s. Here’s to hoping the Todd Gurley’s, Adrian Peterson’s and Ezekiell Elliott’s of the world turn it around fast. Or just save yourself the trouble and get in those sweatpants now and brace for the tears.

sad baby crying eating unhappy

Let’s get to the Week 2 games!  Plus some fantasy predictions along the way………..


The Bills D played tough but still surrendered a back breaking 66 yard Tuddy to Mike Wallace last week against the Ravens. This is where Brandon Marshall comes in. Marshall delivers the goods in fantasy and the Jets stifle Tyrod Taylor and the Bills. MUST START: Brandon Marshall, Lesean McCoy, Matt Forte, Sammy Watkins.



Chip Kelly’s wielding the magic wand. No more happy thoughts after the Panthers home opener. Their offense simply can’t keep up with Cam. Blaine Gabbert throws passes into the willing arms of Panthers defenders. Panthers dominate. MUST START: Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Carlos Hyde.



Welcome to the real life version of the upcoming movie ‘The Disappointments Room”. Both teams have a lot to prove after lackluster openers. The Cowboys will try and feed Ezekiel Elliott and Kirk Cousins will try and get his groove back. Both are not sure things. MUST START: Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant, Jordan Reed.



Both teams flexed and twerked their way to impressive victories. A.J. Green and Antonio Brown represent one of the best WR match-ups you’ll ever see. The problem is these games, historically, are nasty and obnoxiously low scoring. Both teams will drive the ball with regularity. Then kick a ton of field goals. MUST STARTS: Antonio Brown, Deangelo Williams, A.J. Green.

Why watch? Oh, just this guy…….

season win cowboys antonio brown



Now we’re talking. The Tuddy Guys aren’t buying into this revamped Giants D just yet and Drew Brees is coming off a vintage Brees Tuddy bonanza. Expect a high scoring game that once again finds the Saints coming up short. Let the fantasy points reign! MUST START: Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead.




Jimmy G and the P’s come home to face a Dolphins offense that has a huge anchor around its neck named Ryan Tannenhill. This game could be closer than most might think and Adam Gase designs games that keep his teams in all four quarters. The Patriots make enough plays to win. MUST START: Julian Edelman, Arian Foster, Jarvis Landry.



The Texans have offensive weapons. The guy chucking it around the field is a work in progress. Luckily the Texans D rounded into shape, dominating the Bears makeshift offensive line. Alex Smith will need time to find his receivers and sustain drives. This would be a huge win for the Chiefs on the road. MUST START: Spencer Ware, Travis Kelce, Lamar Miller, Will Fuller, Deandre Hopkins.



What the hell are the Titans doing on offense? What the hell was Matt Stafford doing running a functioning one last week? It’ early, but the Lions looked pretty smooth. Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah flashed an excellent 1-2 combo. Lions are missing a no. 1 WR. But they have three great 2’s in Marvin Jones, Golden Tate and Anquan Boldin. MUST START: Theo Riddick, Matt Stafford, Tajae Sharpe.



Cops: Reloaded. Synopsis: A man drives through yards to evade officers in Fort Worth TX. A man fights with mother’s elderly boyfriend. The Tuddy Guys ARE NOT saying that episode airing on Sunday sounds more entertaining and watchable than Ravens vs. Browns. Ok, yes we are. MUST START: Gary Barnidge.



Russell Wilson is questionable. Believing the Rams are a good team is also listed as such. Yet, this is the first home game right here in Los Angeles and the Rams have a history of making the Seahawks bleed to earn their victories. This might be the biggest fantasy stay away game of the day. MUST START: Seahawks D. Steven Hauschka.




The Cardinals cannot afford to start 0-2. The Buccaneers are dangerous. Dangerous like a Friday night in a country song. Party hard, raise a little hell. Make huge, epic mistakes. The Tuddy Guys see a lot of fantasy points and a high scoring game. MUST START: Carson Palmer, Jameis Winston, David Johnson, Doug Martin, Mike Evans, Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald.




Just when you count Phillip Rivers out, he fires up the arm and puts points on the board. The Jaguars played the Packers tough in Week 1 and a lot of people are going to like them to win this one. The Tuddy Guys are split on this one. The one thing we can agree on is that Rivers will take the field with a sack full of  screaming “Woo’s!!!!!!!” on the sidelines for the boys on Sunday. MUST START: Phillip Rivers, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Danny Woodhead.

football nfl colts indianapolis colts reggie wayne




Is the Raiders D any good? They didn’t quite inspire confidence as Brees carved them up Boston Market style. But…for New Orleans. We like Boston Market. The Tuddy Guys LOVE the emergence of Tevin Coleman in the passing game for the Falcons. This game stays close and then big plays by the Raiders D (Matty Ice pick 6) allows them to coast to a 2-0 start. MUST START: Amari Cooper, Tevin Coleman, Julio Jones.




The Tuddy Guys forecast a few things happening: The Broncos control the clock, after a hot early scoring drive Andrew Luck throws a pick and the Colts somehow find a way to blow the game. This is a solid test for Trevor Semien. We’re not saying the Colts D is good, we’re saying that the matchup presents Semien with a great opportunity to have a strong outing. MUST START: C.J. Anderson, Emmanuel Sanders, Donte Moncrief.

andrew luck





The Tuddy Guys are split on this one. If Bradford starts, the Vikings have enough on offense to support a defense that could make Dark Lord Rodgers night worse than a guest appearance on “The Bachelor”. On the other hand, Rodgers churns out first downs and dominates the entire game. It’s too early to identify the contenders from the pretenders but this game has major division implications. MUST START: Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Jordy Nelson, Minnesota D.




Finally! The Piece de Resistance! The game we’ve all been waiting for. Two juggernauts……ok, we’ll stop. Back in the spring when the schedule was released this game even garnered a, “Guh?” The Bears played an excellent first half against the Texans and then played like it was still the preseason in the second half. The Eagles played the Browns. That’s basically like a fifth preseason game. Carson Wentz has talent but will make mistakes. The Bears should win this one, Wentz will turn the ball over and this will confuse everyone in Chicago for the rest of the week. Get ready for a lot of this America!!!!!!

lol laughing laugh precious jay cutler





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The season is days away and the predictions are piling in. You may have a draft or two left but mostly your fantasy team is ready to rock. So before the season begins The Tuddy Guys want to pull out the crystal ball and predict the top QB’s for 2016. The criteria for ranking:

  1. If a player makes it on this list, this mean he is viewed as a starter and should not only be on your team but in your lineup hopefully all the way to the fantasy Super Bowl in Week 16. If one of these guys aren’t on this list, you’re really rolling the dice.
  2. This list assumes that these players will play at least fourteen games. Let’s not waste our time pouring over injury history, or injury future and strictly look at a players potential coming into the season.
  3. This list is fully aware that areas will be proved wrong.
  4. The list is constructed with a combination of stats, progression, guts, instincts, wishful thinking, beer, horse-sense and a belief that, at the end of the year, the top QB fantasy rankings will look exactly like this.
  1. Russell Wilson- How does 25 points or more five of the last seven games in 2015 interest you? Wilson is at the peak of his powers and poised to have an MVP type year. He also takes football seriously. Like, really, really, REALLY SERIOUSLY. It’s the year of Russell.

SB Nation crying russell wilson                          VALUE: 2ND ROUND

2. Cam Newton- Dab dab dab. Fantasy machine. Dab dab. One man red zone show. 45 total Tuddy’s will be near impossible to duplicate but the 35-40 range is certainly in play.  The Panthers schedule shapes up where they could be 9-0 easily before their bye week. DAB!

dab cam newton                    VALUE: 2ND-3RD ROUND

3. Carson Palmer- That’s right. Number 3. Why so high? He has more weapons than Neo in the Matrix. Bruce Arians didn’t wake up this offseason and suddenly forget how to orchestrate an  explosive offense. 35-40 Tuddy’s is in the making with their cupcake schedule. In 2015, Palmer had nine games passing for 300+ yards and 11 games of 2+ Tuddy’s. Pelvic thrusts and all.

                        VALUE 4-6TH ROUND

4. Ben Roethlisberger- Big Ben could throw 40 touchdowns this season. Big Ben could get hurt. Predicting injuries is a fucking waste of time! Hey Ben, you like throwing to Antonio Brown? Below is all you need to know:

ben pro ben roethlisberger roethlisberger             VALUE 5TH-8TH ROUND

5. Tom Brady– Brady is pissed. He’s raging inside. His emotions swirl inside him like a tornado constructed of chiseled feelings and handsome passions. It’s just…..those 4 games missed. Tommy still throws 30 Tuddy’s in 2016, but sadly that sticks him at no. 5 in the fantasy rankings. But, holy shit, when he gets back……….

tom brady patriots                                VALUE 6TH-8TH ROUND

6. Aaron Rodgers- Racking up less than 20 points in 6 of his last 7 games knocks him out of the top 5. Will Jordy Nelson come back and be the Jordy of old? Does Rodgers have any friends on the team? Can they effectively run the football and work the play action? How many more insane hail mary passes can the Dark Lord Rodgers conjure out of his ass this time?

hulk green bay packers packers touchdown aaron rodgers                            VALUE: 5TH-6TH ROUND

7. Drew Brees- Brees will still be Brees. But the offense just won’t function on a week to week basis like in years past. Brees’ didn’t get going last season for the first five weeks and then tossed 12 Tuddy’s in a three week span. He still threw for 4,800+ passing yards. He also ended the season with 20+ fantasy points in four of his last five games and is looking for a contract extension. So just when you think Brees is on the decline……

drew brees                       VALUE: 6TH-8TH ROUND

8. Blake Bortles- Bortles was a waiver wire dream last season throwing 35 Tuddy’s and transforming Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns into fantasy starters. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Jags for the first time since…..well, since the beginning of the century. Betting on a Jaguar in fantasy is like betting on your plucky Aunt to win a shotgun beer drinking contest. Here’s to hoping he keeps these type of throws on the down low in 2016:

quarterback                        VALUE: 6-8TH ROUND

9. Andrew Luck- The Tuddy Guys just can’t put him any higher. Can he return to the 2014 form that had him throwing 300+ yards 10 times and throwing 40 Tuddy’s? Skepticism reigns. The offensive line is still a mess and there’s no indicators that the Colts won’t do Colts things. Such as: constantly play from behind, blow multiple score leads, be impossible to watch and trot out a mediocre running game. Hooray for insanity!

Andrew Luck Jumps Up and Down Kansas City Chiefs Playoffs 2014





10. Eli Manning- Mark him down for 30+ Tuddy’s and 4,000 yards. He’ll have at least six throws this year that Odell Beckham Jr. will catch out of thin air. The only down side of starting him on your fantasy team is that every once in a while he has a game where he does a shitload of this:

football fail eli manning fumble eli face           VALUE-7-10TH ROUND


11. Philip Rivers- The Tuddy Guys could go on and on with Philip Rivers numbers. But we won’t, because Rivers has sunk a season or two in the past for both of us. We kind of hate Philip Rivers. But love him at the same time. The same guy who brought you eight games of 300+ yards passing or more, including a 400+ AND a 500+ yard passing game, is the same guy who will crap the bed and drop a 10 on your roster in Week 8. Rivers will be Rivers. VALUE: 7-10TH ROUND

rivers monday night football philipCheezburger football nfl san diego chargers philip riversCheezburger sports nfl dragonball z san diego chargers

12. Andy Dalton- The Tuddy Guys are a little confused Dalton still isn’t getting the love. Nine times last year he threw 2 Tuddy’s or more and five times he threw 3. He only played in 13 games. He was well on his way to 30+ Tuddy’s and 4,000 yards before he got hurt. You know what really hurts? When ‘The Cincinnati Gingersnake’ looked at the 2016 ADP (average draft position) in fantasy.

andy defense ravens qb opener                            VALUE: 8-12TH ROUND

13. Kirk Cousins- This ranking, for some reason, feels like could come back and bite The Tuddy Guys in the ass. Oh, now we remember that reason. The Redskins are stacked with receiving weapons. They have a coach who loves to air it out. Cousins from Week 10 until the end of the season he tossed 19 Tuddy’s and only 2 interceptions. He’s got Reed, Jackson, Garcon, Doctson. Cousins likes that.

edition contest kirk haven Hogs                        VALUE: 8-12TH ROUND

14. Matthew Stafford– ‘Frat’-ford is back! Back for another year of wearing his hat backwards, racking up garbage yards and slangin’ that rock around the field. Stafford threw for over 240 passing yards 12 times last season. He lost Megatron but he never really had him last year. The receiving corps of Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Anquan Boldin and Eric Ebron is promising. Water is wet, the sky is blue and Stafford will score fantasy points.

awkward matt stafford                        VALUE: 9-13TH ROUND


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Training camp is days away! Let’s rank the Top 20 Fantasy RB’s right now at the end of July before this entire list changes by the end of August. Please keep in mind this is not a list of the best or the smartest RB’s. This is a Top 20 list of guys The Tuddy Guys think should be ranked if we were drafting today according to their fantasy potential.

  1. Todd Gurley- Trust the Tuddy. Drafting him will be fun. Like binge watching ‘Stranger Things’ kind of fun. He scored 9 Tuddy’s on 28 Red Zone touches and that number will most certainly increase if not double this season.  The young Rams of L.A. will experience growing pains but Gurley will be appointment viewing. Put him in your lineup and get ready to do a lot of this in 2016:

tom cruise oprah

2. Leveon Bell- The human video game player. Bell is a streaking, leaping, receiving, diving, driving, Tuddy scoring machine. He only played in 5.5 games last year after serving a suspension and tearing up his knee in the first half of his last game. His all-purpose yard totals for the first five games however are staggering: 132, 150, 127, 88, 137. There’s nothing that should scare you off drafting him. He could get hurt. He could do a halftime interview with Chris Collinsworth wearing a weed gas mask and he should still be drafted in the top 3 in Fantasy. If you pass on him, he plays all 16 and drops 2,000 all-purpose yards on someone else’s team, there will be no one to blame but yourself…….

3. Adrian Peterson- One of these years he’s going to ruin someone’s fantasy season by finally showing his age. But this probably isn’t the year. According to, AP last season still was the 5th most effective RB in football. He carried the ball 327 times. He had the 4th most touches in the red zone with 45.  He had seven 100+ yard rushing games. He scored 11 Tuddy’s. He had ten 20+ yard runs, plus four 40+ yards runs including a fantasy 80 yard scoreboard-buster against the Raiders. He had, basically, a normal season for Purple Jesus. Peterson is as close to a ‘safe’ pick as there is in fantasy.

4. Doug Martin- The more The Tuddy Guys think about this, the less scared we become with where we’re ranking Muscle Hamster. To be clear, we’re still moderately terrified. But consider this; Jameis Winston is in year 2. Mike Evans is poised for a big year. They bolstered an offensive line that already was fairly decent. All of this supports the case for Martin in the #4 spot here. This also reeks of a ranking that, looking back upon a year later, could make us want to punch ourselves in the face. But he had seven 90+ yards rushing games last year and is possibly paired with a future MVP. That’s enough to crack the Top 5 for now.

5. David Johnson- 7 Tuddy’s on 21 Red Zone touches.  5 Tuddy’s on 8 carries from inside the 5 yard line. Get used to that stat. Johnson is ready to burst onto the Fantasy scene. David Johnson gets the coffee because, well, coffee is for ‘Closers’. Chris “I scored 2 Tuddy’s on 30 Red Zone touches’ Johnson?

movie coffee classic alec baldwin closers

6. Ezekial Elliott- The moment after the Dallas Cowboys shocked NFL Nation by selecting Elliott with the 4th pick, The Tuddy Guys had this exact reaction……….

Reaction GIF: flirting

Elliott’s the sexy pick of 2016. Yes, he’s got a lot of pressure on him. But Tony Romo is back. Dez Bryant is back. The O-line is so good and the holes they create are so big, Darren McFadden had 20+yard runs nine times last year. He cracked 1,000 yards for the first time since 2010. This is the same RB whose longest run the past four years was the run he made from the sidelines to the locker room to take an emergency piss. When it was up to McFadden to make a play in the Red Zone he only scored 3 Tuddy’s on 26 touches. Elliott is an instant upgrade and will be over-drafted in many leagues.

7. Devonta Freeman- Huge year. Big year! But will there be a ‘Part Deux’? The Falcons trusted him in the Red Zone, handing him the rock a league leading 47 times. 10 times resulted in Tuddy’s and Fantasy points. But which Devonta will you get? There’s the Devonta from September/October Devonta : 7 games, 666 Yards, 95 yards a game and 9 total Tuddy’s. Or the last 5 games of the season Devonta: 5 games, 292 yards 58 yards a game and 3 Tuddy’s.  Granted he was banged up, but that should scare you my Fantasy Freak. Potential alone gets him into the top 10, but be very wary. Freeman might be the shakiest guy to get drafted in the first round this year. If only there was a way to feel ok about all of this. Better check in with resident Tuddy Guy Fantasy expert…….

chuck norris chuck sun times mike

Got to be honest, kind of feel better………

8. Lamar Miller- Caught 82% of passes thrown to him last year. We’ve talked before in our past Summer Session blogs about the Texans producing great overall running games as a team. Miller is in his prime. Coach Bill O’ Brien simply needs to try something with Miller that the Dolphins never even considered: give him the damn ball! In 2015, he tied for 34th in carries per game. He only received 19 touches in the Red Zone last year and scored on 6 of them, scoring 4 Tuddy’s on only 6 touches inside the 5 yard line. Even with all of this neglect, he still ranked 8th in the league with seven runs for 20 yards or more. So #8 is where he sits. Give him the rock!

the rock come at me bro come here

9. Jonathan Stewart- As of this post, he’s having knee problems. This ranking could change. We’re willing to consider that it most certainly will. But this is ‘Right Now’ and right now he cracks the top 10 as the lead back in a high powered Carolina offense. How overwhelming was the Panthers O last year? Stewart ranked 2nd among RB’s in Red zone Touches with 46. That happened with Cam also handling the rock 29 times in the ‘RZ’. He hasn’t cracked the 1,000 yard rushing mark since 2009, but this might be the year he blows past that. Injuries and playing in the shadow of Cam shouldn’t overshadow the fact he ran for over 60 yards ten times while popping in 7 total Tuddy’s in only 13 games.

10. Jamaal Charles- Blew out his knee last year. Again. The Tuddy Guys are willing to go back to the well. To a certain point. He just isn’t worth a 1st round pick anymore. But when he’s right, holy shit is he devastating. He is the textbook example of what makes fantasy football so amazing sometimes. He is the ‘King of the 16 point swing’. One second you hate your computer screen and the next second you’re making out with it. In 2016, Charles is a real early round sleeper. Where he goes could be viewed as a bag of gold. Or a bag of shit. He’s still only 29 and he has five 1,000 yard rushing seasons in his career. Even during an injury shortened season last year Charles still had 5 Tuddy’s in 5 games played. If healthy, he’s worth it.

11. Latavius Murray- Maturing offense and a defense that’s poised to scare the living shit out of teams this year. It all sets up for an RB to come in and thrive. He saw 34 Red Zone touches in only 13 games and ran for 1,000 yards last year. He had seven games where he rushed for more than 75 yards and eight games where he saw at least 15 carries in a game. Murray is one of the main focal points in an emerging Raiders offense. Want more? His 41 receptions last year is bound to go up. Problem? On passing downs he is so poor at protecting the QB that he can’t even figure out how to block crazy uncle’s on Facebook. This affects his ability to stay on the field. Still, you can’t deny that speed.

game win big run first

12. Thomas Rawls- Can he be the next Marhawn Lynch? I’d be more worried if he can be more than just a no.2 RB in your lineup. Sure, there were some eye popping games. He dropped 209 on 49ers and 169 on the Bengals. But there were some serious duds mixed in followed up by a season ending injury. Also, in 11 games he only had 9 receptions. To top it off, Russell Wilson is ready to take over the offense and dominate. So why is he ranked this high? Because the Seahawks score points. They run up the score. Wilson explodes this year. Life can be prosperous in the Seattle backfield.

13. Matt Forte- According to, Matt Forte was the 2nd most effective RB in football last year (Thomas Rawls was first). As in, when Forte is on the field, good things happen. Getting served chicken shit? He whips it into a chicken salad. The Tuddy Guys can go on and on about what a great career ‘Forte-Forte’ has had (the man whose play is so nice you say his name twice). But what can he do for the Jets? Well, he’s an excellent blocker and is a huge threat in the passing game. Did we see tread on the tires last year? Absolutely. But the dude still had seven 100+ all-purpose yards games in 2015. He has a few solid years left. He still brings good value in Round 2 or 3. Bears fans will certainly miss this…….

nfl chicago bears chicago bears illinois


14. Eddie Lacey- Someone has to benefit from the Dark Lord Rodgers’ offensive prowess and evil magic. Reports are Lacey’s slimmed down and is worth the risk strictly based on the possibility of the offense. Lacey could be this year’s Doug Martin. Just keep it lean Eddie.

food harry potter school eating kid

15. Chris Ivory- Dude just gets his done. Not the sexiest pick in the land of fantasy, the past few seasons Ivory just quietly starts in someone’s lineup and gets them 10 points week in week out. He’s scored 15 Tuddy’s the last two years. He saw 38 Red Zone touches in 2015. He carried the ball 20+ times in six games last year. The guy can handle the rock. He gets his chances. He’ll be an immediate upgrade on a Jags team that actually, possibly, might be in a position to salt away the clock en route to some victories by running the ball instead of playing from behind.

16. Ryan Matthews- He’s 28 and has two 1,000+ rushing seasons under his belt. There’s something intriguing about Matthews. Can he stay healthy? Let’s not think about that right now. In terms of value, The Tuddy Guys could easily see him popping 1,100 yards and 8 Tuddy’s this year for a rebuilding Eagles team. With only 106 carries last year, he still managed to have 6 rushes for 20+ yards and scamper for 63 yards and a Tuddy in a game last year. We like those odds if the workload increases. Health is a huge issue, but he can be explosive.

17. Jeremy Hill- Saw 13 carries inside the 5 last year. He scored 8 Tuddy’s on those carries. That’s all you need to hear. Did he put up some duds last year? Yes. Does Giovanni Bernard steal carries from Hill? Sadly so. But he’s not being drafted in the top 10 this year. He’s an afterthought. His value is excellent. He gets the rock in a highly explosive offense. We would like him more for a huge season if wasn’t for the fumbling issue. He also is in the worst handicap position in the NFL with Bernard providing change of pace. As much as we like Hill’s stats and potential, be careful of his value getting usurped this season.

tom cruise oprah

18. Dion Lewis- You won’t find him on too many ranking sheets. For now. Here’s what he did in the 7 games played in 2015: 36 receptions, 632 all-purpose yards (three 100+ yard games) and 4 Tuddy’s. He’s a guy to watch in training camp as he’s on target to return from an ACL injury in time for the season to start. Even if he doesn’t, he’s great to stash on your bench until Brady comes back. We’re just saying. It’s July, keep a watchful eye and thank us later. He can be drafted towards the end of the draft. But may have Top 15 RB potential.

19. Jeremy Langford- A frightening stat: Langford only caught 52% of passes thrown to him last year. That is terrifying. When he caught the ball? He racked up yards. His stats don’t jump out at you though. Yet he found the end zone in limited looks. Langford took 6 carries and converted them into 5 Tuddy’s last year inside the 5. That stuff is important. Who gets that ball on the 1 yard line? It’s not just 1 yard in fantasy, it’s 6 points. But those drops cannot be ignored.

20. Lesean McCoy- Has Shady really fallen this low?? Well, he’s here because he can’t be trusted to stay on the field. McCoy can pull a hammy buttering an english muffin. And yet, forever tantalizing. The dude has three 1,300+ yard rushing seasons under his belt. He’s 28. it’s his second year on a new team. Will he miss his usual 2-3 games with some sort of ailment? Absolutely. He still had eight 100+ all-purpose yard games last year. The only thing lacking was those coveted Tuddy’s. The dude had 17 in 2011. A paltry 20 Red Zone touches in 2015 and coming away with only 1 Tuddy will destroy a players draft stock. Inside the 10 yard line he only saw nine touches. That screams of one carry on 1st down and then ‘fuck it, let’s try anything else’. Karlos Williams will also steal some of his numbers. Last season was very similar to his injury marred 2o12 season. How did he respond that following year? With 1,600 yards. McCoy is still worth a flyer towards the middle rounds of the draft.

Shout outs, Quick Hits and Guys you might have forgotten:

Danny Woodhead makes the list for being the best receiving RB in football but being exceptionally mediocre when the ball is handed off to him. Once again he will be PPR viable. Frank Gore for still going out there and giving it the ol’ college try no matter how old he gets. Demarco Murray for not making this list after having an unbelievably terrible season and now is competing with rookie Derrick Henry for carries. Ready for a Deangelo Williams Redux? Keep on the look out. Bell can/will get hurt, or try and roll the grass on the field into a joint and all of a sudden Williams is back in the backfield for the best offense in 2016. Williams scored 11 Tuddy’s last year and racked up 1,200+ all purpose yards.


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